166: John Bucher - On Telling Your Story With Passion


John Bucher - a very difficult to define man of many talents (and he likes it that way) - spoke at the STORY Gathering in 2017, where I saw him share his passionate voice about story and myth. What was so great about that whole thing was that even BEFORE I saw him speak, he had volunteered to be my guinea pig speaker at my live coaching workshop. I mean... who does that? Believe me - that's a rare thing, to vulnerably walk into that space with a coach you've just met. Well, movers, that act connected me and John for life!

What l learned about John from there is that that's just who he is: an uber-smart academic who digs into the biggest ideas that we humans want to tackle, and brings them to his audience in meaningful ways. Aside from being a speaker, he's an author, podcast host, and teacher... and probably a dozen other things. Passion is his super-power. And in today's episode we talked about all the big ideas... like you do when you're talking with John Bucher.... 



On the show, we talked about:

  • How John married his passion for academia with that of stage craft (a unique combo!)
  • How he's utilized curiosity as a force for change and improvement in his speaking life
  • The dance of the ego
  • John's biggest challenge in speaking
  • And John's practical tip on integrating your content and getting a clearer and more objective view on your work





A talk that moved John - even with a boring title and a topic you may not have a connection to…

Chris Milk's - “The birth of virtual reality as an art form.” 

It inspired John. He said, "He made me half listen and half say 'how can I take these things and apply them in my work.'

John SWEARS that even if you're not a VR person, this talk will speak to you... :)






Turns out I've already shared this #ThisMovedMeMoment - but it's that good, so I'll share again![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Last spring I fell in love with the podcast Heavyweight by Gimlet Media. Here's what I love love love about it: It's both sad and funny. It dives so thoughtfully - and also in some ways totally carelessly - into conflict. And as someone who doesn't like conflict, I somehow love this show. It's full of paradoxes!


I think when we can live in the paradoxes (cause that's so much of what life is) - and bring the paradoxes to life for our audiences - that's moving.