163: Gillian Ferrabee - On Speaking With Our Bodies


Gillian Ferrabee – performer, speaker, Cirque de Soleil alum and talent scout… Gillian is an experienced and wise stage presence! When I got to see Gillian speak at last year's STORY Gathering in Nashville, I was so taken at how grounded and giving she was as a speaker. There was no pretense. No ‘show' – even though she is such a skilled performer. She was present, in her body.

So it was no surprise that Gillian talked about being IN YOUR BODY, and dealing with what happens to us as creative people when we are putting ourselves out there.

She is full of insight – has the best giggle – and brings to all of us some essential reminders about the power of the present moment and how we as speakers can tune into it more.



On the show, we talked about:

  • What it means to be 'in your body' and present on stage
  • "Looping" - what is it, and how it is THE goal
  • How you can't just BE authentic
  • What it means to be "in discovery" on stage - and why it's so compelling to an audience
  • Finding the balance between mastering your content and also letting it go...
  • What Con - Ex - Con is...
  • (And so much more!)





Gillian and I had so much to talk about – I pulled some of what she had to say out for some “bonus” content! We talked about the power of the TEDx talk… and how it can wreak havoc on our minds. Gillian shares a great story about her own approach – and how to move past it. Check it out! 



Check out Gillian's beautiful Instagram feed.

I love how she notices the little things. There's so much beauty in the every day little things, if we can take a moment to stop and capture them (even if we don't put it on Instagram). 


First, Gillian shared about what a communal and beautiful experience Brad Montague's ending talk was at the STORY Gathering last year. It really was a moving moment….

(And, again, if you want to see more about Brad at STORY, his video and insight is up on STORY Craft. Check it out!)

Secondly, Gillian talked about an experience that she witnessed where – after a beautiful performance of Mendelsohn's concerto by an accomplished musician, the musician came back out to the audience and thanked them. She was so moved by the connection they had created, and how they were leaning into her music. She felt it!

I love that. <3



Don't miss this bonus material – full of some added insights about how to handle the stresses of a TEDx… and how not to!