162: MMM - On Getting Over Content-Creation Overwhelm


Are you drowning in content-creation overwhelm?

Yeah, me too.

I'm gonna get vulnerable here -

I'm off my game.

Does that ever happen to you? As you are working on creating talks that move the world, do you ever get stuck, falter, get distracted from your purpose and goal?

Overwhelm is the new black... or something like that.

Sometimes the best way to get through the stuck and shift gears is to bring it to light, and share the plan so people can help hold you accountable and cheer you on. (Hi! I'm talking to you!)

So here's my plan - and perhaps these can also be helpful to you if you're feeling overwhelmed like I am.

1 - Commit to creating weekly content. Again! I used to. I wasn't any less busy then - I was just more committed and didn't negotiate the time away. It's way more about process and discipline than it is about time - and I've fallen out of my groove. I'm getting back in. Which means that over on the podcast you'll see weekly episodes on Wednesdays about presentation tips, expert advice, inspirational conversations and reminders about why it is worth your time and effort to master the art of public speaking.

If you struggle with 'shipping' your work - let's together focus on this mini-goal. Getting something out there weekly. Even if 'out there' is spending a little time doing some writing on a talk that you've been thinking about, sitting down to draw, or throwing an idea out to Facebook Live or Insta Stories. Commit, and do. No more excuses.


2 - Getting more selfish with my time. As a mom of three kids (who I love and who drive me a little batty :)), working full-time - and also trying to volunteer at school, say yes to every request for coffee/connection, be a good friend, - a good wife! - well... I'm giving a lot of me away. And there's part of that that feels right. I want to be there for others; that's the kind of person I want to be. But I can't do it all, and even though my husband has been saying this to me for YEARS... I've got to say NO to some things so I can YES to myself and my goals.

That feels scary for a people-pleaser like me, but it's gotta happen.

How about you? Want to join me in saying NO to the things that aren't a "Hell Yes!"? It's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna try. I'm not one to advocate for selfishness, but here I am... advocating for a bit more selfishness so I can accomplish these goals and make good on my purpose. It's a good cause, I promise.


3 - Less perfection, more raw and real me. I talk a lot about how the goal is connection rather than perfection - and I believe it. And yet... what often holds me back from diving in is a real fear about the end result, and how people will respond to it. Writing each one of these newsletters feels vulnerable. I've got this online course coming down the pipeline, and it's looming over me like a giant Evil Empire ship (sorry, had to throw in another Star Wars reference). The 7th grader in my head is alive and well (you know the one - she says, "What will people think of me?"). So I've gotta change tack.

I just put a big sign up in front of my desk that says "PEOPLE DON'T LIKE YOU ALREADY." - a quote I got from this episodebetween Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield, two people who are doing some amazing things.

For someone who has been told that my greatest strength as a speaker is that 'people like me' - it feels especially risky to not be liked. Which is silly, because OF COURSE PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ME! I don't want everyone to like me. That would be truly meaningless. Instead, I want the meaningful connections that come from real.


So, for fun I made us a little reminder you can print off and hang up in front of your face in case you need it!

P.s., Chances are I like you! But even if I don't... you do you.


(Bonus: raw and real takes less time!)

Let's do that, yes?


Commit. Get Selfish. Get Real.

I'll need your help. Maybe we can do it together.