161: MMM - A Simple Trick to Jump-Start Talk Writing

Introducing: a super simple tool that can help jump-start your talk writing, especially when you're feeling stuck and staring at your computer. I don't know about you, but

There’s so much I want to say!

The beginning is so important… 

I want to ‘wow’ my audience… 

And make the most of the moment… 

And yet - HOW?

The stakes can feel high - your own expectations can drown out the clarity of what you’re trying to say.


But this tactic that I use with many of my speakers to pull us out of the mire of writing, and to think about things from a bigger, broader perspective. To establish the lay of the land a bit before we go on the journey.


Here it is: my secret to STARTING.

 A 5-Point Outline to help you jump-start the process of writing a talk!

Very simply:

  • an introduction
  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3
  • a close

This is not brain science; it's quite simple, but has worked wonders again and again as I work with clients to help them step out of the overwhelm and step into clarity and quite simply STARTING.

It's easy to get lost in all the worries and expectations we have for ourselves -what we envision at the other side of the process! But that doesn't help us begin, which is the only thing you really need to do in this moment.

But Introduce it HOW? And what are the points I want to make?? And what are the stories I want to use?

These are all good and fair questions that will be answered at some point in the process! But for now - you need to step back and think more high-level. What are the key stopping points? What are the essential ideas you want to get at? What's the key point you want to make?

This outline will help you throw some things on the wall so that we can begin the process of evolving, editing, changing, learning, creating, changing our minds, discovering what’s better…

This outline is simply meant to help you take the FIRST STEP. Know that it will evolve and change - but evolution and change can only happen if you first START.


Grab your 5-Point Outline Worksheet Here

(Download this worksheet to get you started)

So -

To start, I want you to CHOOSE a starting place for each element. (And know you can and will change your mind.)

Throw something up on the wall in terms of how you *might* begin.

  • a question?
  • a favorite story?
  • a quote?

Decide on 3 key points you might want to make. Don't think too hard, but try and categorize and group the ideas that have been swimming around your brain. Make a single statement about what the point is you're trying to make for each point.

And then close, much like the beginning:

 - a quote? A story? What's the final idea you want to leave them with?

Use this 5-point outline as a starting place, to help shift you from overwhelm to beginning the process of creating.

Now - go get started! Move this world of ours!




Shoot us your email and I'll send you this quick-start 5-point outline to help you get started on your next talk! Sometimes all we need is a little nudge…