150: MMM - Practicing the Art of Showing Up Anyway (150 episodes of outtakes)


This week I hit my 150th episode. WHA??? (I know, I feel the same way.)

Almost three years ago, I ventured into this endeavor sure that I had something to offer – but NO IDEA really how to do that, or if it would work, or how much work it would be. Turns out it was a LOT of work – and that I love it way more than I ever thought I would!

This Moved Me has challenged me to show up, and take a risk. (A muscle all of us speakers need to flex as much as we can.)

And that sometimes people dig what I do! And sometimes, they don't. And that has to be ok if I'm going to do this.

At the end of every one of my Mini Moved Me episodes for the last year or so, I have included a little something for those who stick with me to the end: a tiny little outtake – me, messing up somehow.

There may be 3 people out there who hear them – but it's not really about that.

It's about practicing the art of showing up, ANYWAY.

As speakers, that is something we have to get really good at. Speaking is live, it's messy – it's vulnerable and imperfect and scary and thrilling and about a million other things. And if we want to get out there, we have to step out across that threshold and do it anyway, knowing we might look a fool.

I don't care if anyone hears these little moments – it's been so good for me to send it out there to be laughed at, ignored, deleted, appreciated. Who knows?! Doesn't matter. It's all part of it. We create, and let go.

150 episodes in and there's been a LOT of outtakes. So many I made a whole episode out of them just to dig deep on this practicing thing. Enjoy!

How do YOU practice the art of showing up, anyway? The more we practice falling, the easier it is get up.



PS.: Let's be real: This Moved Me is not a huge podcast! I surpassed 50,000 downloads a few weeks back (yay!) – and there are many many podcasts that do that EVERY MONTH. So I am so so so so so so grateful to those of you who listen, connect, dig deep with me, and consider this tiny little world of the internet a place that offers you something! <3