148: MMM - Speaking Truths #7: If you want to be transformative, there are no shortcuts


Welcome to the Speaking Truths series!

Regardless of how capable or skilled or experienced or savvy we are, too many of us struggle to fully embrace the power and importance of sharing our voice.

We need to stand up – speak up – grounded in our authentic and courageous and clear voice. Even in that business meeting. Even in that workshop you've done a zillion times. Especially in that TED talk.

But over the last two decades I've worked with too many speakers who hold themselves back by myths and ideas that are not grounded in truth. So, I decided to create a manifesto of sorts!

The 7 Empowering Speaking Truths of Public Speaking.

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Today we’re facing a speaking truth that most people know – but we don’t often talk about: If we want to be transformative, there are no shortcuts! 

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