135: MMM Q&A - On Getting the Content Into Your Body


"Sally, you talk about getting the content into you body. Sounds nice, but I have no idea what you mean by that. How do I do that?"

I like to say that I can literally see where someone’s content is at, in terms of how much it has been embodied, or integrated into their body - and not just an IDEA.

We are not writers - we are SPEAKERS. Speakers take the written word and become it. Can you tell a speaker who really wishes she was just writing it, and you were just reading it? Yeah - not too compelling. 

So - the process of moving the content from something that is just bouncing around in your head to something that is living in your BODY takes…. wait for it… TIME. 

You have to give yourself time to have it live in your body. You have to get out from the content-creation mode - out from behind your computer - out from hiding behind your desk or talking through the content instead of “stumbling through” the content - and begin to say it ON YOUR FEET. 

I like to share this anecdote, cause it shows how much TIME this process takes… When Elizabeth Gilbert spoke at one of those big Oprah events, she spent 6 months walking every day, saying her talk out loud. Yes, she was memorizing (which to me is a little different than getting it into your body) - but she invested a lot of time to get to know this content not just with her mind… but with her body. That is awesome. 

We live things and feel things and communicate with our bodies way more than we do with our words. So we have to give ourselves time for those words to impact us and live in our bodies. 


Give yourself the TIME.


Get up on your FEET.

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