123: David Mann - On Bringing the Wisdom of Theater to Our Talks


David Mann is an acclaimed speaker, award-winning theater artist, and presentation coach. David has a way of grabbing and holding his audience's attention with his honesty, energy and humor. It is evident from his interactions and presentations that he has a great understanding of human intricacies. He helps people overcome the hurdles in their mind, guides them in practical ways to find their "inner human" and inspires them to keep telling their story. David, thanks for bringing so much of yourself to this interview.


On the show, we talked about:

  • David's transition from theater to being a presentation coach and expert
  • What it really means to be yourself on stage
  • Tips to become more comfortable and convincing
  • Preventing negative projection on audience




Ok, GOT fans... this is a call-back to a kick-butt moment from that show that I watched (through my hands because I can't handle most of the violence) - but this girl - she was awesome. There are some fantastic memes out there. But as a woman, it was a rare moment of girl-power that I needed and appreciated!


David talked about the Guthrie Theater's production of Shakespeare's Pericles. Pericles' journey to maturity and redemption may be relatable to many people, making his reunion with his daughter all the more touching. David was particularly moved by the Guthrie's portrayal of this reunion between Pericles and Marina. It goes to show that, when done right, art is powerful and can stir up all kinds of emotions and hope