116: LTYM - On Becoming a Storyteller


In May, I participated in a Listen To Your Mother event. Have you heard of Listen To Your Mother? You may have heard my interview with LTYM founder Ann Imig from last fall, or perhaps you've been in the audience of one of the 41 shows that takes place throughout the country. Or, maybe you've run across the LTYM YouTube channel, with their hundreds of talks from the last 7 years! Or the book.


And even with all that, if you haven't heard of LTYM, now you know. And now you've gotta get yourself to one of these events!I was so privileged to be a part of the event, along with 10 other women and our two producers, Vicki Reich and Galit Breen - two amazing women in their own right.

And today, I bring you excerpts from three conversations from three totally different perspectives:

- from Junita Flowers - an entrepreneur, speaker and generally delightful mom of two adorable kiddos.

- from Vicki Reich - one of the producers of the event


- from Liz Sjaastad - a writer (and now speaker!) and totally new to this standing up and sharing your story thing.

But we all agreed:

It's a beautiful thing to be a part of. And so we thought it was worth looking at how something like this comes to life in such a spectacular way right in front of our eyes.

Junita Flowers is CEO of Favorable Treats, which is scratch-made, ready to bake, gourmet cookies! (YUM.) She is also a blogger and speaker at She Laughed, She Cried, She Inspired. You can watch her talk here.

Vikki Reich is one of the producers of LTYM Twin Cities (and is pictured farthest to the left). Vikki is a writer, editor and consultant for writers. Her writing has appeared on The Huffington Post, Autostraddle, The Star Tribune, and Brain, Child Magazine among others. She is a frequent speaker at blogging and social media conferences and has taught social media at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

Some may know Liz Sjaastad for her work with entrepreneurs, providing organization development and executive recruiting services. She received an MS in human resource management from Loyola University in 1992 which set her on that path. In her quiet time, she turns to writing. Inspired by the brave memoirists she’s read, she’s cracking open her memories, growing thicker skin and letting the words flow. You can watch her talk here.

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