109: Margi and Elena - On The Mindset of Discovery


Margi Simmons and Elena Imaretska - two brilliant and creative speakers - both call the Brave New Workshop their professional home where they are bringing to life the mindset of discovery. The Brave New Workshop is an improv theater that may sound familiar to you because they are famous for being the longest running improv comedy theater in the country. Super cool, since Margi spent years on that stage. And Elena spent years dancing and performing. They both have respective chops as performers and creative leaders that make them "expert."

But they also do this work because they believe something much deeper happens when we take the risk and step out on stage. The skills and mindset and courage that improvisors are challenged to show are the same skills that can help us become great leaders - and, of course, great speakers.

So, I got to sit down with them both at the BNW's new amazing space (so, sorry for the echoey sound) - and talk about how we can take the mindset of discovery out on stage with us.

#Speakers, does fear motivate you? "I believe fear is a wonderful motivator." ~@margisimmons from @BNWImprov on this week's @ThisMovedMe

On the show, we talked about:

  • The behaviors of an innovative mindset (there are 5 specific ones!)
  • The power of someone you trust to give you feedback as you grow
  • The attitude of service, and how that can release you from fear
  • Why being an "expert" has nothing to do with being a great speaker
  • Why we practice

 "It's not just about what we're doing; it's about the why." The <3 of speaking! ~@imaretska from @BNWimprov on @ThisMovedMe




Elena is working on a new project that will bring together friends and causes she's passionate about! Be on the lookout for some exciting adventures between the Brave New Workshop and Finnigan's... FUN.

Isn't it exciting when it feels like there's synergy in your projects?! Yes.[


Margi shared a story about a recent talk she was giving... and one particular audience member seemed really disengaged. Margi tried not to let it bother her.. but you know, that can be hard. But at the end of the day, this audience member came up to Margi and said, "Thank you... I had a really hard thing going on outside of this, and I really appreciated what you did." It was a big surprise to Margi - and it's a reminder to us that we never really know what's going on with our audience.