108: REBROADCAST - Rita Boersma, On Story Truth


Rita Boersma has been with me since the beginning. Literally! She was my first guest way back in 2014 - and I thought it was time to bring her back to the forefront. Why? Because Rita is someone who brings her talent and insight so beautifully to her creations that I'm often in awe of what she can do. She is brilliant and funny - as a writer, a speaker, a coach and an improviser. And together, we've made some cool stuff.  So if you're new to us here at This Moved Me and haven't gone all the way back to the beginning - enjoy this little gem... the sound system wasn't up to par; the equipment was mediocre; but the conversation was rich. Enjoy!

"I had to have that script so in me, and know the language I was going to use or I wouldn’t have made it through.  The words were my safety net." ~@RiteMarie on @ThisMovedMe

On the show, we talked about:

  • Rita’s Purpose as a speaker
  • Story Truth Vs. Happening Truth
  • On mastering the balance of content you’ve scripted and letting go in the delivery
  • The power of comedy
  • On how difficult subject matter impacts the process and delivery…

“I can’t get up there and lie to them… not because they shouldn’t believe this, but that they shouldn’t believe it from me." ~@RiteMarie on @ThisMovedMe






Rita’sRobin Williams‘ death. His job was to give joy to everyone else, and he had no outlet for himself.  This Chris Bliss TED talk helped – Comedy as Translation:



Not deep, but really sweet: Lip Dub “I think I want to marry you” Engagement video… love it, until the end, when he asks her.  Then I think we should all leave so they can be alone. ?