103: Geraldine Buckley - On Telling Stories That Unite


Geraldine Buckley - minister, writer, speaker, chaplain... and award-winning storyteller! And wow, can this woman tell a story! She was recommended to me by Bob Tryanski (a guest on the show earlier last year who is himself a storyteller).  Geraldine has worked in TV, PR - and then somehow also in a prison - which is what makes her such a fascinating character. I will admit, I didn't get a word in edgewise until about the 10th minute - but that's because I myself was totally taken by her delightful voice and stories. Equal parts wisdom and heart! We delved into some of the big ideas around storytelling - why we do it, how we can discover the stories in our lives, and most importantly - how we can unite through stories.

"People are hard-wired to hear stories." @GeraldineBuckle on @ThisMovedMe #stories #storytelling #toastmasters

On the show, we talked about:

  • Geraldine's journey into storytelling - from PR to television to ministry to storytelling festivals!
  • The purpose of storytelling
  • How we find and discover the stories in our lives (aka, "birthing" a story!)
  • And the importance of humor

 "Underneath the individual [story] is the universal [story]." ~@GeraldineBuckle on @ThisMovedMe #stories #storytelling




was watching and soaking up the last season of American Idol. Kelly Clarkson - the original American Idol (and power ballad singer who my kids LO-OVE) - came to say goodbye, and sang her new song Piece by Piece. She has a moment on stage, and it was beautiful and authentic and honest and it drew me in completely. Take a look:




Geraldine shared a moment from a Toastmasters event, where one of the speakers really wow'ed her. She talked with him afterwards and asked how he was able to keep it so fresh. "Well, my son and his friend were in the room... so, I went over that story image by image in my mind just before I went on, so it was fresh to me."

Meaningful advice... that has sunk into Geraldine. She thinks about that often before she goes out on stage!

A wonderful reminder that whether your son is in the audience or not, if we can imagine our story, moment by moment, it makes a difference.