100 - This Moved Me Round-Up: 100 Episodes of Moving Moments


100 Episodes! Triple digits, baby! I honestly didn't think I'd ever make it this far. (You just can't see that far out when you're scrambling to get your content out week in and week out.) But here we are! 100.

I couldn't let this moment pass me by without taking some time to reflect and appreciate the journey.


And I have to say - I've learned a ton. I've met some incredible people. I've had some brilliant (and some dud) conversations! I've had tech issues; I've found new friends; sometimes I've stumbled and sometimes I've shot out of the starting gates.

This show has been a huge part of my life for the last year and a half - and I'm so so so incredibly honored by every single person who has taken the time to find it, share it and be a part of it in big and small ways.

My heart is full! Thank you.



P.s. - Here's that episode with Dan Pallotta. What do you think? Do I gush too much!? (It's ok, I can take it.)[