099: Brandy Agerbeck - On Shaping Your Talk With Visuals


Brandy Agerbeck is a graphic facilitator, speaker and expert on helping people put their ideas into a visual form. I’m not talking about pretty slides (although that matters) – I’m talking about structure, function and form – in visuals. I think this is an area not talked about enough – and yet as an audience member it’s crucial for helping make the leap to understanding that much faster. So I was so excited when one of my loyal listeners Jeffrey suggested that I have Brandy on the show! (Thanks, Jeffrey!) Brandy – you are doing such important work – in such a playful and wonderful way!


"Too often the visuals are just a slide deck. Your talk has a shape." @loosetooth on @ThisMovedMe

On the show, we talked about SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

  • What it means to be a graphic facilitator
  • How Brandy has taken her art and helps people communicate complex ideas in a visual and more understandable way
  • How shaping your talk helps you find your structure
  • The tools Brandy uses to find the shapes of her talks
  • The power of chunking, sorting, seeing patterns
  • And PLAY.... and how art can help release us from the linear traps

"We're the luckiest people in the world cause we get to make stuff."  On @ThisMovedMe


#Speakers: "Our visuals can make complex ideas understandable." ~@LooseTooth on @ThisMovedMe


At the Oscars this year, Pete Doctor and Jonas Rivera accepted their award for the best-animated picture Inside Out, saying "We are the luckiest people in the world because we get to make stuff."

Aside from the simplicity and loveliness of this sentiment - for Brandy, making stuff was part of her escape and respite during challenging times growing up. So it was an important reminder - and a beautiful, moving moment:



This Moved Me guest Scott Savage sent me this video of Jeremy Cowart, a photographer and philanthropist... his story and message and this video is incredibly powerful.

It's a reminder to us as artists that what we do with our work really matters...


Thanks to Scott for sending it to me!

Let's go make something!


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