MMM 098: On the Speaker Mindset, Part Three


It's part Three! If you haven't yet listened to Part One ("I can't wait to share this with them!")

and Part Two ("It is what it is, so I might as well enjoy it.")...

Go for it.

Because Part Three is all about audience. Luckily, focus has been brought to the audience much more in recent years. But this isn't about creating your content so it's relevant for your audience (which is essential, of course).

No - today is about keeping your HEART (and your mind) focused on your audience.

Ultimately, this isn't about you; you are simply - and wonderfully - the conduit for the message. So you can let go of the me-me-me worries. No one is thinking of you quite as much as you are.

The awesome John Noltner (a guest from Season 1) talks about how he found himself as a speaker by reminding himself that he is simply the messenger. It kept the focus on the right thing - the impact we want to have, on the people who are sitting in front of us.

You are there to serve your audience. And that idea should liberate you - free you from the self-focus that can sometimes weigh us down.

When you are interested in and care about your audience - they feel that. And, perhaps more importantly - YOU feel it.

"The talk that moves is a talk that is not actually about the #speaker - but about the #audience."