091: Scott Savage - On Becoming Better (Because it Matters)

Scott Savage – a Twitter friend! - found me through one of my all-time favorite episodes – Hank Fortener. Hank and Scott have many things in common – they are both speakers, they are both pastors, they both have this wonderful combination of skill and insight that makes them both really good at what they do, but also WISE at what they do. These are my favorite kinds of guests – guests that dig deeper with me on why this matters. In Scott's life - whether as a blogger or speaker - his goal is to empower us with new perspective - and he makes good on that promise. And here’s what I really appreciate about Scott – he is so clear and honest on the WORK that it takes to become a transformative speaker. He believes in the opportunities that are in front of us when we “take the stage.” And he prepares, invites feedback, polishes, invests himself… and then starts over again the following week. That kind of dedication and commitment has earned my respect – and I can’t wait for you to also lean into his insight.


 "I got better because I gave lots of bad talks and got brutal feedback." @scottsavagelive on @ThisMovedMe

On the show, we talked about:

  • Scott's journey to experienced and skilled speaker, learning from those speakers he admired and that moved through his life
  • The importance and challenge of the rhythm of the pastor's speaking schedule
  • What "transformation" looks like - and how Scott nurtures his talks to move his audience using a "Star Moment" - a moment they'll always remember
  • And the role of feedback, failing and mining your life's bumps to bring insight to your audience

"The messages I give are the ones that have already wrecked me." ~@ScottSavageLive on @ThisMovedMe




I auditioned for the Listen To Your Mother event here in the Twin Cities! It was a moving moment for me because I haven't auditioned for anything in quite a long time - so it was good to be nervous, and good to put myself out there. [Good news! I got in! More on this soon.]

For your viewing pleasure, take a look at one of my favorites on the LTYM YouTube channel!



Scott reminded us about the "me too moments" that can be so powerful in our talks. We think we're the only one, but when we hear another person's story we can find the universal in someone else's specific.

Well said, Scott.