090 MMM: On the Creative Process, Part Four - REALIZE


This is my favorite part of the process.

It's the AHA part!  The part where you're standing in the shower... or wandering through your commute... or sitting on the porch with a glass of wine (ok, that one doesn't actually happen all that often, but isn't it a nice image?!)... and then BAM! IT COMES TO YOU!

When I was in grad school, finishing up my Master's degree - with a brand, spanking-new one-month old! - I remember waking up in the middle of the night with the PERFECT ending to my final project! I was so excited! But I was also so tired. So without realizing what was happening, I fell back to sleep (like only a new parent can do) and when I woke up the next morning, I couldn't remember it! It was gone. Like, poof. Gone. Totally blank. All I knew was that something brilliant came to me in the middle of the night.

That's how these things work. (If you want to hear more about this kind of magical idea-floating thing, just read Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic. I am slightly obsessed with it.)

So, the key for anyone who is in the mode of REALIZING (and it happens more and more the more we are digging into this process) - is that you have to be ready to capture it.

So, how can we be sure that we're capturing what we REALIZE (so we can "realize" those ideas)?!

We need to Capture, Collect and Review [to learn more about this, check out the GTD Method]:

  1.  With paper:
  •  Have paper/note cards/notebook by your bedstand, desk(s), in the kitchen - on you - to write down stuff as it comes to you.

2.  With your smart phone:

  • Use Siri, the voice memo app, leave yourself a voice mail, or even set up a google voice number that will capture it with a text message and email to you. Slick!

3.  On your computer:

- Use OmniFocus (Mac) to capture and organize your to do's, Things (Mac), and Scrivener

Tune in for next week's continuation of this conversation - the LAST in the series! - about doing something with all of these ideas!

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