088: MMM - On The Creative Process, Part Three: REFRAME


We are in week three of this 5-part series on the creative process! Yay! If you haven't yet listened to parts one and two, go ahead and do that first so this all makes more sense.

Today's Mini Moved Me is all about how we can REFRAME our work.

In other words, are we open to seeing our work in a different way? Exploring the possibilities? Stretching the approaches? Often, the tools in our tool belt - i.e., all the research we are continuously doing - makes it possible to see our work in a different light.

Creating something "new" is really about seeing the old in new ways, and making it your own.

[Tweet "As #speakers - reframing is important if we are to bring new insight to old ideas (and they're all old ideas). "]


Some ideas from Andy in terms of how we can "reframe" as we're creating something new:

-What Works Matrix by Jack Welch - identifying people, companies, organizations that are doing it well (not exactly like you - but something you aspire to) Here's a great article on the idea, with a link to the matrix.

-Expect and plan on trying and failing. There is so much to learn as we try and find the new!

-If we want to be able to reframe we need to literally step away, retreat, slow down and NOT think about what we're focused on. Our brain makes connections in the unconscious - so sleep, quiet, reflection - even zoning out in the shower - are essential to the creative process.

MMM Creative Process Part 3 Quote2
MMM Creative Process Part 3 Quote2

Tune in for next week's continuation of this conversation - focusing on the "AHA Moment" - what Andy calls REALIZE!