086: MMM - On the Creative Process, Part Two: RESEARCH

MMM Creative Process Part Two
MMM Creative Process Part Two

We are in week two of diving into the Creative Process! Last week's episode laid the foundation for this series - so if you haven't listened to it yet, go back and listen to that one now as it will help this all make a little more sense!

Today's Mini Moved Me is all about RESEARCH.

"Research" means feeding your brain with good stuff. Podcasts, audio books, music, YouTube videos, Lynda courses, UdeMe, reading books, taking online courses, talking to experts, talking to friends. Even scrolling Facebook could be considered "research." (Or, at least, that's my excuse for the wormhole of time I spend on there sometimes...)  It can be specifically about your topic - or, it can be seemingly un-related.

Of course, we all know that things are connected in ways we can't always see initially.

We feed our brains as a part of the process  so when an opportunity arises to CREATE, we have all this juice in our nogins that makes our creations rich, connected, vibrant, interesting, thoughtful...

Sometimes, this "research" becomes the basis for the analogies/metaphors/experiences that can make our work powerful.

But let's be real: all this research can also be overwhelming. Andy (today's guest, and my husband) - is a productivity expert, so he shares with us some of his favorite "hacks" for capturing all of what the world is throwing at us (and that we are picking up).

MMM Creative Process Part Two Quote
MMM Creative Process Part Two Quote

Here are some of the "hacks" to capture all of the "research" that abounds:

Tune in for next week's continuation of this conversation - focusing on REFRAMING!