084: MMM - On the Creative Process, Part 1 (What should I do today?)


How many of you have gotten STUCK before?! Struggled with making the new?!  Felt at a creative loss?! Felt tired, bored, uninspired, alone!?

Ugh, yes. Me too.

A few months ago, I got a wonderful question from my friend (well, I like to think we're "friends" - do Twitter-friends count?) Grant,  who asked how he, as a pastor and frequent speaker with a demanding schedule, stays inspired, energized, creative.

My first reaction to Gavin was to share with him this framework for the creative process that I've learned from my hubs, Andy. So, I did a Mini Moved Me and blog post - and talked through the essential creative process when we're making something new, hoping that within this framework would be something helpful for Gavin.

But there is so much more to dig into here - because it applies to ALL of us. If we're creating ANYTHING, we are in the various stages of this framework several times a day, many times over. And there are things we can do to get better at creating.

Andy is a productivity guru who specializes in strategic intuition (which is a fancy phrase for helping people determine what and how to do what they should be doing).  He's done his research. He himself is a great communicator - and bonus for me! - he's fairly easy to get into the studio because he lives with me. Yay! So, I asked him to join me on a series of Mini Moved Me's where we talk more specifically about how this process works, what we can do to move a creative idea through the process, how we can get UN-stuck, how we can do the work that will make an impact.

Today's Mini Moved Me is all about the foundational theory behind this process, and in the coming weeks on each Friday we'll dig into one of the four areas of the process: RESEARCH, REFRAME, REALIZE, REACT.

What does 'deciding what we do and how we do it' have to do with creativity - or, even more specifically - creating a talk that moves the world?

Let's find out!

[Click here to listen to parts Two, Three and Four!]