083: Ann Imig - On Telling a Story Only You Can Tell


Today’s guest – Ann Imig – blogger (

Ann’s Rants

), humorist, performer and the creator of the

Listen To Your Mother events

(and author of

the book of the same name

) – is living out the idea of sharing our stories. LTYM, a live event that brings voice to people’s experiences with motherhood. And this has grown tremendously in the past 6 years, with shows in 41 cities throughout North America. Ann is funny, insightful, determined – and bringing her mission of live storytelling to life.

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TMM Ann Imig Quote
TMM Ann Imig Quote

Show highlights: On Telling a Story Only You Can Tell

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In the show we talked about: 

  • The origin of Listen To Your Mother - it's about more than just storytelling!
  • Why we feel the human need to share our stories - the creative catharsis of vulnerability!
  • How the simplicity of staging is essential to bring the audience in
  • What makes a good story - what audiences respond to, and why. Good stuff!

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TMM Ann Imig Quote2
TMM Ann Imig Quote2

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY:  I just discovered the Dear Sugar Podcast! Holy cats, people, this is powerful stuff. Just like the amazing Cheryl Strayed's books and her stunning words and insight - this is the same dose of power, just IN MY EARS!  Love it.  I listened to this episode about motherhood that took my breath away. Here it is in a nutshell: "I love my kids but I hate motherhood."  Moms everywhere should listen to this.

ANN:  This viral video from these three incredible young women - Belissa Escobedo, Zariya Allen, Rhiannon McGavin - performing a spoken word piece. Powerful!  "The greatest lessons you will teach us you will not even remember." Goosebumps. [If you want to watch a version from the competition that put them on the map - and that is more passionate and powerful (and with all the swear words included) - watch that one here.]

Whooee! Let's go share the stories that only we can tell, yes?


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We Edit Podcasts

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