080: MMM On The SASI Method, Part Four (IDEA)

For the next few weeks, we're talking about the SASI Method.


These four elements are essential in preparing for a talk. And today's topic is about IDEA. 

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The IDEA. The content of your talk!

So many of you start here. This is why you're even speaking at all! You didn't necessarily want to be in the limelight, but here you are - because you know a lot. Yay for you!

But truth be told, your audience doesn't automatically care about what you care about. So, how can we get them to care?

We edit, brutally.

We use stories

We focus more on delivery than on obsessing over our content and visuals

Listen to the episode for essential questions to ask yourself as you prepare your next talk!

Thanks for joining me for this fun little series!

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