077: Levi Weinhagen - On the Power of the Pratfall


A few weeks ago I met Levi Weinhagen at the Ignite Minneapolis event. I had been hearing about Levi for awhile - both he and my husband are in the improv community here in the Twin Cities - and he hosts a really successful podcast called the Pratfalls Podcast about how we as creatives move through life (which is often full of pratfalls, of course). Levi did a great job of emceeing Ignite that night, so I really wanted him to join me for a conversation to talk about his various experience as a creative person and performer. I'm so excited to be sharing this conversation with you, because Levi brings those skills and the mindset of an improviser to what he does and who he is as a person... taking risks, following your fear, listening well, how to bring the 'funny' (or not) - and, perhaps most importantly, why fart jokes are actually really, really important (really).

AND - I sang. (You're welcome/I'm sorry.) I was moved to, I couldn't help it!


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TMM Levi Weinhagen Quote
TMM Levi Weinhagen Quote

Show highlights: On the Power of the Pratfall

[Tweet ""Performing is really about trust." @ThatLevi on @ThisMovedMe"]

In the show we talked about: 

  • Levi's wide experience in various forms of performance - podcast host, theater, improv, writing, as a host/emcee, a comedian and speaker
  • The experience of speaking and emceeing with Ignite - and how the creative constraints played well to Levi's improvisation skills
  • The intersection of what's funny and what's human (it's the pratfall, btw)


TMM Levi Weinhagen Quote 2
TMM Levi Weinhagen Quote 2

This Moved Me Moments:

LEVI:  Levi brought up the infamous show from our childhood - Family Ties. He recently found himself watching a Family Ties episode running somehow/somewhere about Nick (Mallory's boyfriend) who had a run-in with his abstentee father. (I just spent 30-minutes looking for the clip of this, but no luck!)

But here's what Levi said that I loved so much: he reminded us that even pop-culture shows like this one, that seems to offer us nothing more than simple entertainment, can be a source of emotional connection that impacts our lives. I totally agree!

SALLY: That moment reminded me of one of my all-time favorite TV moments that looms large large in my memory and heart:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK0hl0u26t0] It was a #FamilyTimesForever moment on the show! (And - fun surprise - I couldn't help but burst into song!) Whenever I hear that song, I can't help but think of that show, that love connection, that heartbreak.


My best to you as you are out creating talks that move this world of ours,

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We Edit Podcasts

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