075: Lea Pica - On Not Data Puking


I've found so many wonderful connections through this podcast - and I'm so excited to introduce you to another one here:

Lea Pica - a digital marketer, data viz expert, performer and presentation coach. She reached out to me on social media, and I was really intrigued by what I saw. She is a total pro, doing great work. I also found this awesome video of her singing for Pat Flynn, and it sealed the deal. I decided to invite her on to the show - and I'm so glad I did. She is a GEM!

Lea focuses her work on bringing the feel of a TED-talk into non-TED arenas... meetings, reports, pitches, conferences, workshops - about stuff that most people assume will bore us to death.  Her mission is to transform the tendency to "data puke" into a presentation with impact.

I am totally on board with this mission. And I totally believe that if anyone can make data interesting and fun - it's Lea!

Listen to the podcast

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TMM Lea Pica Quote
TMM Lea Pica Quote

Show highlights: On Not "Data Puking"

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In the show we talked about: 

  • Lea's story - from performer to business woman - and then bringing them together as a presentation expert
  • The power of speaking for your career development
  • How feedback changed her trajectory as a speaker
  • And how Lea translates information to real people and makes it meaningful.


TMM Lea Pica Quote2
TMM Lea Pica Quote2

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY:  I watched Unbroken last weekend, and it sort of stuck with me. As a whole, I am baffled at how much suffering exists - and has existed - and will probably always exist. I'm so grateful for my little bubble of just general life-suffering, avoiding any major crisis/wars that are so prevalent in that film. It was a heavy movie from start to finish.

LEA: Lea shared with me a favorite talk - a friend's TEDx talk, Vinnie Brand from the Stress Factory in New Jersey. So funny, and so serious. Sweet, and sad. A release. "Exemplary storytelling."  Check it out: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l4fBAEq5V8]

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Good talks can move the world - so let's make them good!

My best,

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We Edit Podcasts

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