072: This Moved Me Holiday Message


As I head off on break for a few weeks to take some down time with family and to celebrate Christmas, I wanted to share an excerpt of the beautiful book Becoming Naomi Leon (by Pam Muños Ryan). Naomi - a young girl - along with her brother and Gram - head out to find their father in Mexico. Santiogo, her father, is an artist. And so is Naomi. And, like the process of creating her soap carvings - Naomi is also in the process of discovering herself. They are connected - our creations, and ourselves.

(Listen here for the full excerpt.)

"Each piece has a personality. Sometimes you can look at the wood and see exactly what it might be. The promise reveals itself early. Other times you must let your imagination dictate what you will find."

Sometimes our talks go through a similar process. Sometimes the magic is revealed to us early. And other times, we have to keep carving until finally it makes itself clear.

It's sometimes challenging, sometimes scary - and sometimes magical, easy, fated.

This time of year more than any other, I like to believe in the magic. 

"You must carve so that what is inside can become what it is meant to be. When you are finished, the magic will show itself for what it really is."

My wish for you as you head into this precious time is two-fold:

1.  That you have a relaxing, rejuvenating break with family and friends. This time of year allows us, perhaps more than any other, to step away. It's important for us as creators - but also as humans. We need this! Enjoy! 


2. To remember that as you create, the magic is often revealed to you. If not right away - if you accidentally cut off the leg of your creation - then my wish is to have the patience to keep leaning into the process and let it become something else.

That is the magic of creativity.

See you in 2016, my friends!