071: MMM - On Holding Space


On this week's Mini Moved Me:

I talk about holding space.

Several weeks back, a Twitter follower and listener sent me a message and asked me to talk a bit about "holding space" as a speaker. He then sent me to this blog post written about the concept, and suggested I have the writer on the show. Which I did! 

At first glance, I wasn't exactly sure what my new friend Jeffrey meant by "holding space."

But after reading Heather's blog post, I came to this:

Speakers who "hold space" - do so wanting to make room for what is really happening in the room. It requires generosity and humility from us as speakers - to make room for the stories that enter the room with us, the questions and concerns. To be less focused on our own agenda, and make space for all the agendas.

MMM Holding Space Quote
MMM Holding Space Quote

This is not easy.

But, I think we know these kinds of speakers when we see them. They do "hold space" - and we as audience members feel a part of something much bigger than just ourselves. There's room for us as an audience, too - and that is a powerful thing.

Thank you, Jeffrey, for your thoughtful question - and for reaching out!