070: Cecily Sommers - On the Art of Reinvention


Another amazing find by my hubs, Andy:

Several weeks back, he came home from a conference and said, "You've got to have this woman on your show." So Cecily and I talked - and she asked me a really good question (which, as it turns out, is a backbone of her work): "What was at work when it was working? What did he like about it?"... well, he didn't say.  (For those of you who know Andy, you might be laughing now. He sometimes doesn't say much.) But when I went back, he said, "she was compelling, interesting, engaging - on a PANEL!  That doesn't often happen."

Well, the truth is that Cecily Sommers has an incredibly rich and interesting life - and brings it all to her work as a futurist and speaker. Her goal is to create experiences that can reinvent - ourselves, our audience. So, we talked about that! And, she said, like, a million things worth writing down. I tried to capture them all here for you. ENJOY!

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TMM Cecily Sommers Quote2
TMM Cecily Sommers Quote2

Show highlights: On The Art of Reinvention

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In the show we talked about: 

  • Her background as a dancer, speaker, teacher - chiropractor!
  • Her passion for designing experiences, her incredible expertise that led her to where she is
  • What it means to be a futurist - and what that has to do with the creative process and how we create as artists

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TMM Cecily Quote1
TMM Cecily Quote1

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This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY:  I'm really into checking out "pitches" - they are a fascinating form of speaking, and there are some wonderful - and entertaining - examples! Check out:

The Start-Up Podcast. This is an amazing story-based podcast, even if you're not starting a business. But if you are, the show about giving his first pitch is a must-listen. (And then listen to this one, too...) 

And the Reality TV show/Venture Capitalist meet-up, Shark Tank!  Highly, strangely entertaining. And loads of examples of how to (and how not to) pitch!

Shark Tank
Shark Tank

CECILY: Went to a talk and was wow'd by what she heard. It was designed beautifully. But - she wasn't necessarily a skilled speaker. We talk about storytelling - the moments that move us - and being an entertainer. But none of that really matters. This woman had some challenging speaker foibles... but Cecily was drawn into her presentation by the excellence of her work.

It was a reminder that you don't have to be anybody that you aren't. Speaking, or otherwise.

Here, here! I can't think of a better note to end on.

My best,

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p.s. - A great and simple question from this interview that I've been using a lot lately: "What's at work when it's working?"  Thanks for all the brilliant ideas, quotes and inspiration for us creatives, Cecily!



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