062: John Capecci - On How Story Transforms


Talking with John Capecci - communications coach, author, teacher - was like finding a friend who likes all the same things that you do. And what's especially cool is that our connection was totally happenstance. A few weeks back, my husband went to a Pollen event, and happened to sit next to John. They had a short conversation and it became clear really quickly that he and I have a similar mission: to move people with our talks - and in John's case, more specifically, stories. We had a mind-meld conversation over coffee, and I quickly realized that I needed to have him on the show.

I'm delighted to share his insights with you!


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Show highlights: On How Story Transforms

[Tweet "It always starts with the why. Knowing that is essential for any advocate." -@capeccicomm on @ThisMovedMe]

In the show we talked about: 

  • John's history - including narrative performance, speech and speech coaching...
  • How his history in performance informs his work as a story coach
  • The surprising aspect of our work: what's going on in your head right now?
  • What makes a story connect with an audience
  • The incredible power of empathy...
  • And, here’s the Moyers interview with Marshall Ganzhttp://billmoyers.com/segment/marshall-ganz-on-making-social-movements-matter/
TMM John Capecci Quote
TMM John Capecci Quote

Coaches Corner:

John is working on articulating the barriers that we face when people bring their stories to the public. What gets in the way? This is part of John's new research! - and I can't wait to share what he finds with you!

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY: Ben Zander!  I got to see him live (after falling in love with his TED talk) - and it was a total treat. I wrote about it in this post, if you want to see why I think he's such a compelling speaker, and what we as speakers can learn from him.

JOHN:  John's This Moved Me Moment is about the ultimate in TED Talks - the classic and worthy of sharing over and over again - Brené Brown's talk on Vulnerability. There is so much wisdom jam-packed into this talk that every time I watch it I find something new. So, even if you've seen it before, perhaps it's time for a refresh?  :)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o]

Thanks so much for listening! I am grateful for you.

My best,



To learn more about John:

Check out his website, and follow him on Twitter.

Also, read his book, Living Proof! I'm reading it now. It's awesome.


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Presentation Prep Course

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We Edit Podcasts

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