060: Michael Veltri - On Becoming A Professional Speaker


Michael Veltri came to me through Nick Morgan (one of our sponsors of this show, a guest on This Moved Me, and an all-around great human) - and we originally recorded a conversation this past summer. But as you know if you've been following along with me, I had some technical issues this summer (understatement - ahem). And then I got a new computer. And I think the combo invited in some terrible karma or something, and I lost the recording with Michael. (I know, how does that happen?!) So, he was kind enough to sit down via Skype - again! - and I'm so glad we did! Michael is an executive coach, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur - and he brings his life experience - as a cancer survivor, an Aikido Master, a Marine - into all that he does. Plus, he's in the midst of some major growth in his speaking career, so we got to talk about lessons learned along the way. Enjoy!

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Show highlights: On Becoming a Professional Speaker

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In the show we talked about: 

  • The Mushin Way - Michael's mantra, which  means "no mind"
  • The mind-full and no-mind balance
  • How distractions are crippling us
  • The power of speaking as a tool to grow your audience
  • How to not just dump info on your audience (hint: tell a story)
TMM Michael Veltri Quote
TMM Michael Veltri Quote

Coaches Corner:

Michael is into the concept of "Kaizen" - or "constant improvement" - a useful mindset as a speaker! So, to live this out Michael attends Toastmasters events, and practices his stuff over and over. That's the only way to better!

(Listen to this Mini Moved Me on practice to hear more about why this is so important!)

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY: I'm obsessed with the show Madam Secretary at the moment. Love Tea Leone! Love idealistic shows that help me imagine a better world! (This isn't quite as idealistic as The West Wing... but I'll take it.) (P.s., I want to hang out with her, don't you?)

MICHAEL: Michael's This Moved Me Moment is this quote:

"Never regret. If it's good - it's wonderful. If it's bad - it's experience."

That pretty much describes speaking, doesn't it?

Thanks so much for listening! I am grateful for you.

My best,



To learn more about Michael:

Check out his website or follow him on Twitter !

Also, to check out Nick Morgan's book, Give a Speech, Change the World, that helped launch Michael as a speaker!


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