059: Mini Moved Me - Happy Anniversary!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THIS MOVED ME! I love all excuses to celebrate! And this one is particularly special for me.

One year ago today, I took a risk and jumped head first into this podcast thing. In many ways it was a selfish endeavor because I simply love talking about this stuff - and I love people - so it seemed like a fun little project. Well, this "fun little project" has turned into a twice-weekly gig that has become a big part of my life, and connected me with people from all over the world! I've spoken with huge TED speakers, budding amateurs who are about to go big time, and uber-talented artists and visionaries who all have brought insight and courage to this art of public speaking. I am so grateful.

So–to celebrate–I've got some goodies for you:

Please download and share this beautiful ebook filled with some of the thoughtful quotes, advice, stories and moments from the show this past year. Feel free to pass along - it's a gift to you in honor of this big, wonderful year.

And... for some fun, here's a short compilation of outtakes from the show in the last year... I honestly had about three hours worth of strange phrases and funny noises to choose from... but only so much time. Ha. Hopefully this will delight you as much as it did me in making it.

And lastly...

A preview for next week's Mini Moved Me:

Thanks for the connection, let's keep 'moving'! My best,