056: Bob Tryanski - On the Art of Storytelling


Several months back, my sister-in-law sent me a link to one of her neighbors down in Lawrence, KS. "He's a storyteller," she said. "He'd be great on your podcast." Hmmm, I thought. Checked out his website, did a little research. Yes, he certainly has the experience. So we exchanged some emails and kicked the ball down the field. We were both sure that at some point we'd record a conversation.

Well, then we went down to visit my new (adorable, cutey, love them so much) niece and nephew, and they invited their storytelling neighbor over. And we talked for an hour. MAN, I wish I would have pulled out my phone and recorded that conversation because very quickly we went deep, and thoughtful, and dug into some big stuff. So I INSISTED that we record it officially and get this guy's thoughts on the show.

I convinced him. And today, you get to get a peek into

Bob Tryanski's

 varied experience, insight, humor and thoughtfulness that he brings into his work as a speaker and storyteller.

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Show highlights: On the Art of Storytelling

In the show we talked about: 

TMM Bob Tryanski Quote Graphic
TMM Bob Tryanski Quote Graphic

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Coaches Corner:

Bob and I talked about the value of revisiting material, and re-editing! Editing turns good stories into great stories, and taking the didactic lessons out.  Go re-edit, people! It's amazing what bringing fresh eyes after time away can do!

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY: My TMMM this week is this powerful and funny gun control rant that was being shared on Facebook these past few weeks. I have been so heartsick recently with all the gun deaths. It's one of those issues that gets so divisive and ugly. But this piece of comedic genius is so effective because it's funny AND true. (Fair warning - he says the F-bomb, like, every third word.)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rR9IaXH1M0]

See also: Trevor Noah's rant on The Daily Show

[Tweet ""The art of storytelling is listening and reflecting." -@BobTryanski on @ThisMovedMe"]

BOB: Bob shared his experience recently facilitating a story experience between local law enforcement and people with mental health issues. The power of seeing how our stories illuminate 'the other.' This is amazing work you're doing, Bob! Thank you!

There's a difference between storytellers and comedians. Comedians close the door with a joke. A storyteller opens the door.
There's a difference between storytellers and comedians. Comedians close the door with a joke. A storyteller opens the door.

This quote is credited to the awesome Kevin Kling, a wonderful storyteller and friend of Bob's. Bob shared what Kevin once told him, and I think it's too good not to share with you! 

Thanks so much for listening! I am grateful for you.

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