052: Jenny Evans – On Pushing Our – and Our Audience’s - Boundaries


On this week’s This Moved Me, I got to chat with the awesome Jenny Evans, founder of PowerHouse Performance - and author, speaker, and expert on both fitness and resilience training. She has spoken in front of thousands, all over the world - and lucky for me, I've been one of those audience members!

The thing about Jenny is she doesn't just do your typical corporate training thing. She pushes the boundaries - and that's exactly why she is such an engaging and dynamic speaker and person.

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Show highlights: On Pushing Your - And Your Audience's -  Boundaries

[Tweet ""I want people to say: What the hell is happening right now?" - @PowerHousePC on @ThisMovedMe"]

In the show we talked about: 

  • Her focus on mind, body and spirit
  • Bringing her active lifestyle to her audience
  • Her favorite mode: connecting with others
  • The process of self-publishing and being a solo-preneur
  • Audience, risk and not getting bored - pushing our boundaries!
TMM Jenny Evans Quote Graphic
TMM Jenny Evans Quote Graphic

Coaches Corner:

Jenny and I talked about her push for taking more risks. She is going to re-think the 60-minute keynote - and if anybody can do that, Jenny can!

It lead to maybe one of my most favorite quotes I've heard on this show:

[Tweet "For speakers: "Use 'What would I be able to get away with?' as your guide." @powerhousePC on @ThisMovedMe"]

This Moved Me Moments:

Sally: I shared an excerpt from a beautiful book that I'm trying (trying, and mostly failing, but trying) to read daily. A lovely little story about teacups, which brought me to this idea:

We as speakers seem to think that we know it all - I mean, that's why we're up there, right? We're the experts. Except it leaves very little room for our audience's knowings to enter in and impact us. (I say some more stuff, but you gotta listen to hear more.) :)

Check out the book here:  The Book of Awakening

JENNY: Jenny had two powerful TMMM's... This powerful article on OnBeing, about how the internet is changing us. (As solo-preneurs, we both lamented about the woes of promotion.)

"It is only when one's existence is projected onto the internet and then acknowledged on social media that one comes into being — digitally speaking, that is." - from Everyone Is an Equal Stranger by TALHA JALAL

But Jenny also talked about the iconic Brené Brown, and the struggle of vulnerability and authenticity. (Here's her TED talk - maybe one of the most powerful and most-watched TED talks of all time.)

(Btw: This conversation - along with a few others I've had recently, inspired me to write this blog post. )

Let's keep this conversation going:

Jenny and I talked about how far we're willing to go to try something new. How about you?  When did you pull out all the stops, take the ultimate risk and, like Jenny suggests, use "What would I be able to get away with?" as your guide?  Share your stories with us!

Tag @ThisMovedMe and @PowerHousePC on Twitter join in the conversation. See you over there!


Thanks so much for listening! I am grateful for you.

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To learn more about Jenny:

Check out her website and find her on Facebook to stay up to date with all that she's up to.


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