050: Julian Treasure - On Talking About Talking


On this week’s This Moved Me, I have the honor of talking with Julian Treasure.  Yep, THE Julian Treasure. The one whose TED talks have graced the "most watched" lists - and the one who has 5 - count them! - 5 TED talks. And who speaks all over the world about how to talk so that people will listen. Yep, that's the one.

It took months to get this interview on the books, and it was totally worth the wait. (For me, anyway!) I did find myself using the words "awesome" a bit too much. I was nervous! Especially after he talked about how useless some of our language has become. Language like... "awesome."  Yep.

As expected, Julian was insightful, wise - and spoke brilliantly. I love his voice. I could listen to him talk for hours. Which is handy, since he talks about how to talk so people want to listen. So, good job, Julian - it works! Now YOU get to listen, too!

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Show highlights: Talking About Talking

[Tweet ""It's a big mistake to assume that everyone listens like you do." -@JulianTreasure on @ThisMovedMe"]

In the show we talked about: 

  • Julian's story - how our branding includes SOUND, and how that is shaping our world.
  • The experience of speaking at the TED conference, and how it grew his own brand.
  • How to help your audience HEAR you.
  • The power of filters
  • The importance of - and difference between - preparation and practice
  • When authenticity turns to artiface

Coaches Corner:

Today Julian talked about the challenge of creating and then integrating new material into our current work. Julian is doing some really interesting work with hospitals about the importance of the sound environment. This is important work!

This Moved Me Moments:

Sally: My This Moved Me was inspired by talking with my new British friend, Julian. :) In honor of his British heritage, I shared a recent experience of going to Universal Studios, and seeing the Hogwarts castle for the first time. It was surprisingly emotional for me, a long-time fan of the books. Those characters have been a part of my life for many, many years, and it's a reminder of the power of literature to really move us, and become a part of our lives.

JULIAN: Julian's This Moved Me moment was about seeing one of his students from a public speaking course improve and grow in the course of one day. Seeing the arc of improvement is such a boost for all of us - because we CAN get better! And the presence and connection among those participants that day keeps Julian going.

Let's keep this conversation going:

Julian and I talked about how in many respects language has devolved into superfluous words that have lost their meaning.  What do you think? Do we over-"awesome" (I mean, I know _I_ do...)? - What words have lost their meaning for you? - and what do you do to keep language meaningful?  

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Thanks so much for listening! I am grateful for you.

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