046: Malcom Chapman - On Speaking and Community


On this week’s This Moved Me, I talk with Malcom Chapman – speaker, Bush Foundation Fellow and community leader on the power of our speaking opportunities to move our community and really make a difference.

And perhaps you can hear it - but I had some sound issues with this one. Which is ironic, because one of my sponsors here on This Moved Me is We Edit Podcasts!  And I am always talking about how amazing they are - and they are!  You should have heard this file before it went to them. Ugh.  (I promise, I'm working on it.) So, with that irony hanging over this episode - hang in there and listen in! Because Malcom's content is TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Thankssomuchyou'rethebest.

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Show highlights: We can have big impact!

[Tweet "Sometimes it's just a conversation that I enter thinking it will be casual - and leave thinking bigger, broader and better." -@MalcomChapman on @ThisMovedMe]

In the show we talked about: 

  • Malcom’s story
  • The Bush Fellowship – and how we serve
  • Malcom’s biggest challenges
  • The value of spending time sitting in the audience - learning to read them
  • The power of family and our stories

Coaches Corner:

This is a new segment I'm playing with here on This Moved Me where I talk with people - sometimes those I'm interviewing, sometimes people I run into on the street or in the neighborhood! - about what they're working on, and how they're doing it.

Today's Coaches Corner segment is from Malcom himself - who shares a universal struggle: time for reflection and organization.  Speakers, leaders - all influencers - have to work especially hard to find time to reflect and maintain a calm and open mind. Otherwise, we miss out on turning our life's experiences into wisdom!

This Moved Me Moments:

Malcom: An ELCA Youth Gathering, where he experienced a Pastor preaching to console himself. The power of that story, and the vulnerability in that – Malcom felt like he knows him now.

(We also gave a shout-out to President Obama’s Eulogy after the Charleston shooting. It's one of those that you won't soon forget.)

Sally: This hilarious and stupid video about the impact of Helium Beer. Just TRY and watch this without laughing!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9QHBgrPNY]

AW MAN, YOU GUYS!  You know what I just realized??  This was originally published on APRIL FOOL'S DAY. I've been had!  WHAT??  It seems so genuine!

(Yes, my science-y husband just confirmed that there's no real way to get helium into a beer. BUMMER! I was going to go get me some.)

Regardless!  This is a delightful video! Their reactions to each other are the stuff of life.

Let's keep this conversation going:

Malcom and I talked the connection between leadership and speaking. Who is someone who really influences their community with their speaking?  Share these examples with us by joining us on Twitter, and tagging these influencers - along with @MalcomChapman and @ThisMovedMe.


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