045: Mini Moved Me - On Finding Your Pearl Button


Jane Leyden Cavanaugh - who you'll meet in a few short weeks here on This Moved Me! - shared a story with me once about her "pearl button." This was not a concept I'd heard of before.

(I tell the story on the show - take a listen here!)

Your pearl button is the essence of how you are perceived.  Smart? Sassy? Serious? (They don't have to be 's' words, I promise  - I'm just on a roll.)

Many years ago, I was told by some coaches that I was "likeable."  Likeable?  Likeable? Huh. That was the thing about me that made me, me.  Uh, ok.

I honestly wasn't sure what to think about that. I was not out to win a popularity contest (although, hey, the people-pleaser in me was thrilled) - but I also wanted to be seen as something more complex, deeper, less "sunshiney."

Of course, sometimes I am those things. We are complex human beings; no one is any one thing. But there IS an impression that we give off - our pearl buttons - that is essential to understand  as a speaker... and, I might add, as a human.

Now - I can walk into a talk knowing that - on the whole - people like me. It's a gift. And the same goes for each of you: embrace your pearl button, and it will become a gift.

Take a listen!

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