044: Aly Wallberg - On the Power of Rhetoric



Wallberg and I connected through her short and lively

Ignite Minneapolis

 talk where she analyzed

Sarah Palin's Lipstick on a Pitbull

 convention speech. I loved the talk (Aly's, that is, ahem) and thought she was brilliant and funny. So of course I had to have her on the show! 

(And yes, we had to spend just a little time imitating Sarah... I mean, she can see Russia from her house! It's just too easy, and too fun.)

But of course, there is so much to learn from studying the words of others, as Aly so beautifully said:

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Show highlights


is a speaker, communications coach and generally smart human who brings her expertise to her work in the corporate world, as well. It was so fun to connect with a person who has a similar passion and excitement about words and the impact they can have.

In the show we talked about: 

  • The process of creating a somewhat controversial talk
  • The role that studying rhetoric can have in the every day work world
  • Authenticity - is there a kind of authenticity? Or is it an 'are' or 'are not' kind of thing?
  • And the loftier benefits of studying rhetorical appeals - knowing ourselves and each other more powerfully.

Coaches Corner:

This is a new segment I'm playing with here on This Moved Me where I talk with people on the go - in coaching sessions, at the neighborhood picnic - even at the bar with my brother, as I do in this segment - about what we're working on as speakers and what we're doing to get better.  My awesome brother Jake talks about the strategy he thinks through as a litigation lawyer when trying to communicate the story of his client's situation.

I love all the various aspects of "moving an audience" - and thought it might be interesting to think about it from a lawyer's point of view.

This Moved Me Moments:





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- a


about the things we don't talk about. Especially 

The Living Alone and Liking It (Sometimes

) episode. Aly loves how Anna (the host) is able to get people to share things that we normally don't ever have the courage to talk about... yes!



The 92Y Talks Podcast

- Check it out!

I especially liked the episode with

Dick Cavett and Alec Baldwin


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxPz2oABLcc]

So much class and old Hollywood stories. So entertaining and thoughtful! (Compare that to fun and frivolous

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper episode


Let's keep this conversation going:

Aly and I talked about how studying words and the impact they can have has been a huge asset in her work in the corporate world. What benefits have you experienced by studying rhetoric? Join us on Twitter to dig into these ideas. Use the hashtag #ThisMovedMe and tag @ThisMovedMe and @AlyWallberg to bring us into the convo.

And hey!  If you want to watch Aly's talk... check it out here!


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