042: Bryan Skavnak - On What Golf Has to Do with Public Speaking

On this week’s This Moved Me, I talk with Bryan Skavnak – golf pro, author and speaker from The Happiest Golfer – about the connection between golf and speaking. There is one! Who knew!? (Not me.)

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Show highlights

 Bryan  is a golfer with a message. It started by wanting to differentiate himself: golf is fun, let's have fun.  But when his mom died, his message snowballed. The message took over. There are other more important things in life.

In this episode Bryan and I talk about:


  • How Bryan became a speaker (after being someone who didn't talk much)
  • How golf is like speaking (seriously!) - some key lessons
  • How Bryan brings his creativity, and his meaning and purpose into his work as a coach and speaker
  • The challenge that Bryan is facing (that we all face at one time or another)- facing his fears... "am I good enough?"
  • How Bryan helps his golfers tackle their fears... and what we as speakers can learn from him: Act like the Kool-Aid Guy.


[Tweet "Everybody has fear of something. If you can limit that fear, or redirect it, that's what helps [in speaking]." ~@BryansGolf on @ThisMovedMe "]

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