104: MMM - On Surpassing Expectations


If our goal as speakers is to move our audience, then we should be looking for ways to surpass our audience's expectations. On this week's Mini Moved Me, I talk about going beyond the constrictions of our audience's expectations, to surprise and delight them - not just to do something different, but because by doing so we make a difference.

But it takes intentionality - time - and creativity. Three things that we all have (even if we feel like we don't.) In other words, there are no excuses for doing the same-old, same-old - except that we didn't take the time to push ourselves and try something new.

So, my thought for you today is to use a "Blue Ocean Strategy." Live in a different ocean - get out of the bloody red ocean where everyone else is swimming! - by distinguishing yourself with excellence and a unique approach that is audience-focused.

You don't want to freak people out by working too outside their expectations, but we can raise those expectations - and bring them along with us!

For example - Get out of the red ocean of using your power point notes as your handout! Situate yourself in the Blue Ocean by doing something different - maybe offering a one-sheet that summarizes your points; maybe offer them a symbolic element, like a keychain or a bird (or whatever, who knows, I'm making this up here, people) - something that symbolizes the shape or vehicle or metaphor of your talk! Maybe you don't offer them ANYTHING cause you know that most people don't use or appreciate it, and it ends up in the garbage!

Think like your audience, and do what will delight them.

(For more on the "shape of your talk," check out Brandy Agerbeck's interview with me on the show! It's awesome.)

 #Speakers: We don't want to freak people out by working too outside the audience's expectations, but we CAN raise them.

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