039: Lindsey O'Connor - On Evolving Our Stories (to keep up with who we've become)


Dearest readers and listeners... Today's episode is the last one of season 1!  Wow, it's been an awesome "season" for This Moved Me, with some big moments for me personally, and professionally. Thanks to each of you for joining me on this adventure! As we shift into summer, it's a good time to slow down a bit - do some planning for the future - and reflect on what's coming!  So, starting next week throughout the summer, I won't be publishing on a weekly basis. But never fear- I'm working on some goodies that I'll share as they're ready.  Be on the lookout!

For now - enjoy this final episode of Season 1 of This Moved Me... it's a favorite!


Lindsey O’Connor – speaker, writer, journalist, radio host and delightful human– shares with me how the experiences of her life have changed and evolved her presentation style, stories and purpose in sharing her message, and herself.

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Show highlights

In this episode Lindsey and I talk about:

  • How life events - and life itself - impact our work
  • Lindsey's arc into - and out of - and back into - speaking
  • This episode by Paul Tomes - and story-driven podcasts
  • Learning how to do old things in a new way
  • That 'change' stories are the heart of all stories
  • The value of stories in humanizing the big issues
  • Authenticity. It's a big one.
  • Lindsey's embarrassing moment on stage. It's a doozy! (Thanks for sharing, Lindsey!)

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This Moved Me Moments:


Lindsey was really moved by my recent interview with Paul Tomes - presentation coach from South Africa who recently was talking about the popularity and power of story-driven podcasts.  Thanks, Lindsey!  So glad it moved you.

If you're doing this kind of work - and care about redemptive stories talked about in podcast form, that is Lindsey's bread and butter. Reach out to her!

AND - this conference, called Story Nashville.

"If you make with words, write. If you make with color, paint. If you make with film, record. If you make with people, bring the house down. If you make with meals, treble clefts, graphite, events, flora and fauna and anything else that rests between your fingers and heavy upon your soul. We are your people. We are your high-fiving butt-kicking, mega-keeping tribe... and when you're out in front, seemingly alone, we are behind you all the way."  

See you all there?  :)


With the earthquake in Nepal - the riots in Baltimore - there's a lot of sadness going on in the world. But in my daughter's preschool they are in the middle of learning about Mount Everest. So when the earthquake happened, they asked the kids to write notes to the people in Nepal...  And seeing them this week really warmed my heart. A bright spot in too much darkness.  Thanks to those teachers. Hope it brings some light to you, too:


Lindsey... let's hang out soon, ok?  You are awesome.

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THANKS for all of your support and enthusiasm for this little podcast... I truly appreciate it!

Let's keep this conversation going:

Lindsey and I talked about how our stories change as we change.  So, are you allowing your story to change, and evolve as you evolve? How? Let us know!  Join us on Twitter by tagging @ThisMovedMe and @LindseyOConnor.

About Lindsey:

Lindsey O’Connor is the author of five books, a freelance journalist, speaker, and narrative nonfiction writer. Her newest book is a memoir called The Long Awakening. She has contributed to American Public Media’s Weekend America, WashingtonPost.com, Writer’s Digest,The Rocky Mountain NewsChristianity TodayGuideposts and others. She’s a former radio and television anchor and her audio book was a finalist for an Audio Publishers Association award. True story is her thing.

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