036: Nate Eklund - On Keeping Your Content Fresh (like Phish)


Nate Eklund – educator, consultant with Eklund Consulting, speaker, teacher (plus, musician and actor!) – shares his insight about the importance of keeping your content fresh… like his favorite band Phish does.


In this episode of This Moved Me, Nate and I talked about the power and possibility of speaking.  And what we came to was the value of improvising our way through our presentations - much like he did as a teacher, or like how great musicians do when they're performing.  It challenges us to be truly present; to balance our ego with our humility; and how if we aren't truly grappling with the power and possibility of those moments, then what are we really doing?

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Show highlights

In this episode we discuss lots of big ideas, including:

  • The responsibility we have as people who say powerful things - and then leave...
  • Speaking as a form of business development
  • The power and possibility of change in speaking
  • The role of ego and vanity in enabling those moments
  • The importance of investing in the relationship with your audience
  • The challenge of performing your "greatest hits" without becoming robotic
  • Keeping your content not only fresh, but relevant

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This Moved Me Moments:


My husband sent me this hilarious video of Nina Conti doing her "human ventriloquist" act. It's super dumb and awesome - and it made me laugh.  Enjoy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EADGMYpUa6I]


Nate shared a really sweet story of his sons playing golf.  His younger son cheering on his older son in the most unlikely moment. We all need someone like that in our corner, don't we?


I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode!

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Let's keep this conversation going:

Nate and I talked about the struggle of performing what I call your "greatest hits" - the stories that people expect, request - and that you might not enjoy doing. What do you think? Do you struggle with telling the same stories again and again - or do you use them to help build your brand and connect people with your mission?  

Dive in and let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #freshlikePhish, and tagging @ThisMovedMe and @NateEk.  We'd love to hear what you think!

About Nate:

Nathan Eklund, M.Ed., is a professional speaker and trainer who works with students, teachers, and administrators to seek hopeful solutions to problems in schools. He customizes his presentations to fit your needs and desired outcomes.

Eklund collaborates with individuals and organizations to mobilize efforts toward improvement in the field of education. He has given particular attention to the challenges of teacher retention and work climate, a topic he explores in his book, How Was Your Day at School? Improving Dialogue about Teacher Job Satisfaction.

You can contact Nate at info@eklundconsulting.com

Or - follow his work on Twitter at @NateEk, or on Facebook at Eklund Consulting.


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