032: Mini Moved Me - On Making Them Laugh and Cry

Today's Mini Moved Me was inspired by a moment at Youth Frontiers' annual event, which I have the privilege of helping create each year.

One of our musicians on staff - Josh Cleveland - tells stories and shares his music on retreats. And the story and song he shared at the event is beautiful, funny and sad.

He takes us from laughing to crying in about 3 seconds. It's a beautiful thing to experience - and says so much about Josh's depth as a person, and his ability to translate that to an audience.

If you can make your audience laugh - AND make them cry, they will be puddy in your hands.

Kudos to you, Josh. Thanks for all you do!

p.s. - If you've got a question for me about something that's tripping you up as you create talks that move the world, let me know. I'll do my best to answer it on the air.  THANKS!

Sally Zimney3 Comments