031: Carla Rieger - On the Power of Believing in Yourself

Carla Rieger is a speaker, comedian, improvisor, performer - who turned all those skills into becoming a business consultant and entrepreneur at Artistry of Change.  

Carla and I talk about her journey from being someone who struggled with a speech impediment to someone who speaks about creativity, innovation and change management. And she lives it out, as well - pushing boundaries, challenging herself, innovating and creating change.

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Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Carla started out her career by speaking to college freshmen (as a college student herself!).  It was trial by fire!
  • The value of creativity and art when dealing with change
  • Where Carla gets inspiration for new ideas and innovation herself
  • Carla's stumbling blocks, and how she gets through them
  • The power and importance of our mental preparation
  • the Women's Speakers Association -a great organization set up to support and empower women speakers. Awesome!

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This Moved Me Moments:


The movie Immortal Beloved, about Beethoven.  In one particular scene, his sister-in-law, who didn't have much love for Beethoven, sat in the back of one of his concerts, and had this realization:

"When I heard Ode To Joy - all my hatred for all those years towards him completely melted away, because I couldn't hate somebody who could make music like that."

As Carla said - "When we are deeply creative, it dissolves barriers between people and creates forgiveness in people."

Here's a clip from the movie, of Beethoven's Ode to Joy (warning - it's a pretty intense scene):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fQG4CcoRuM&w=560&h=315]


I have discovered and LOVE the podcast Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids. I love this show!  It has delighted me. It's a peek into kids lives - at their big moments - but also the sweet innocence of being young.

My favorite story so far is about a woman who read her journal from 8th grade. It was "the worst year of her life."  She shared several angry journal entries - and we all laughed.

Afterwards they interviewed her - and she said that though she wanted to read it out loud because she thought it would make people laugh, she realized that it was actually a very lonely time of her life. It was a poignant moment. Anything that can take me from laughing to crying that quickly is a truly beautiful thing.

Here's a peek into how it works:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqVaYAW9yes&w=420&h=315]


I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode!

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Let's keep this conversation going:

Carla and I talked about how powerful our belief in ourselves can be. What do you do to find the courage and belief in yourself and your creativity to stand up and share your story?  I'd love to know in the comments, or let me know on Twitter.

About Carla:

Carla leads her consulting practice, Artistry of Change.  She connects people to their creative purpose as change activists in their communities, businesses and organizations.

She began her career with an innovative teambuilding company in the US in 1988 called Playfair, Inc. Since then she has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally of up to 4000 people. In 1991 she became the director of The Artistry of Change, a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative, high integrity communicators.

You can also find Carla on Twitter.


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