030: Mini Moved Me - On Saying Less

Today's Mini Moved Me is about the importance of editing.  Saying less with more impact.

If you don't shape and edit out the unnecessary in your content before you get up there - you'll do it in the moment. Please don't search for your phrasing while you're on your feet, performing. That's just not fair to your audience.

So, how do you find what you want to say before the big moment?  You find it by rehearsing.

That's it.

(You just can't write a long post about saying less.)

p.s. - I've gotten some great feedback on my Moving Presentations Series. If you enjoy these talk tips, you might really appreciate this free resource. Check it out!

p.p.s. - If you've got a question for me about something that's tripping you up as you create talks that move the world, let me know. I'll do my best to answer it on the air.  THANKS!

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