028: Mini Moved Me - On Mapping Your Content

Today's Mini Moved Me is about how we can become more self-aware of our habits - by mapping your content. How do you map your content?  Well, you start by honing in on one aspect of your talk. Like - pitch.  Or, volume.  Or, pacing.  Or, how physical you are.  You can map anything!

And then you listen/watch with a careful eye (trying your best not to get distracted by yourself) - and you "map it."  It might look something like this:

Here's the deal. "Mapping" your content is step one. Step two requires you to take the path of determining what (if anything) you want to change, and working with a coach so that you can bring life back into your talk in a way that feels authentic and freeing for you. Which is, of course, so important.

p.s. - This map -and this idea - is a part of the Moving Presentations Series that is full of tools - free for you. Yay, free and useful stuff! If you like tips like these - I think you'll really like the whole series. Check it out!

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