024: Mini Moved Me - On the Value of Feedback

Today's Mini Moved Me is all about feedback. Do  you hate it as much as I do?  Probably.

But the thing is, the value of feedback is (at least) two-fold:

One - Tactically, it helps you identify areas where you're doing well - and areas that need work. It's not fun to get that pointed out to us (ok, ok, it can be awful) - but it's important. After all, if you want your talk to serve your audience, you better find out if it's working.

And two - and perhaps even more importantly - feedback communicates to your audience that you believe in your content enough to let others in to kick the tires. And through that belief, you build a stronger connection with your audience, inviting those who are not sure about your work a chance to help you build something better. It's a chance to show what a brave soul you are.

TMM Blog Post Feedback

 And speaking requires us to be brave.

The way you handle feedback says more about you than almost anything else. So, go ahead and get yourself some feedback.