023: Jeff Goins - On Finding Your Voice


Jeff Goins is a writer and speaker whose mission is to help people find their voice, and bring it out into the world.  

In this episode of This Moved Me, Jeff and I talk about the process of bringing your voice into the world - and how Jeff has translated his core mission as a writer into the speaking world. Though it wasn't something Jeff set out to do, he realized that it's a critical part of sharing his message.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The value of having a book, or other content to share, in establishing your credibility
  • A reminder of "sender-message-receiver"; in other words, if the message is not received, it doesn't really matter.
  • How the SCORRE Conference helped Jeff develop his process of developing his talks and himself as a speaker
  • The collaborative nature of speaking with writing - and writing with speaking.
  • How "audience" changes the nature of the content, and the value of "instant feedback" when you are giving a live talk
  • The idea that "voice" is resonance - the connection between speaker and audience.
  • Jeff's purpose in helping other people find their voice - and the realization that we ALL want to be heard.
  • The tricky nature of authenticity... and perhaps we need to not TRY to BE authentic. (And the tendency to over-share...) Are you using your stage to bring more attention to you and your issues - or are you being generous and helpful with your story?


Why we need art... (Jeff also wrote a blog post inspired by these ideas.)

1 - This lovely rendition of the song Falling Slowly from Once:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf1nkBz1-YQ]

and 2 - A conversation from Walking Dead. The main character has this priceless piece of art, and says this...

-"I found this abandoned on the street, as if it were trash. It doesn't have a place anymore. Art isn't about survival, it's about transcendence, being more than animals, rising above.

-"Can't we do that anymore?"

-"I don't know."

They pose the question: Is there any need for art anymore?  If we lose art - and the things that move us - we lose the things that make us human.


I recently discovered the story of Stuart Scott - and the valiant way he fought cancer - and how he lived, despite cancer.  But Stuart led me to this speech, where "Jimmy V" (aka, Jimmy Valvano) accepts this award as the ESPY's.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode!

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Jeff Goins is a writer, idea guy, and difference-maker. Jeff believes we all have a story to tell, but sometimes the best stories don’t get the attention they deserve. Jeff has written and guest-blogged for over 100 magazines, publications, and blogs. He is also a speaker, online writing teacher, and consultant. If you’re interested in having Jeff come speak or work with you, check out his speaking and consulting page. Jeff haswritten four books including The Art of Work (March 2015), teaches a popular online course called Tribe Writers, and makes the world’s best guacamole.