016: Andy Zimney - On Intentionality and Performance


Andy Zimney - performer, improviser, speaker (and, my husband!). He is smart and funny (and tall and cute and he cooks/irons/mends things - I know, I know) - AND helpful! You see, he agreed to be my "guinea pig interview" several months back - but I found Andy's comments so insightful that I decided to share. (I mean, who knew that someone I've spent the last 20 years with would still intrigue me!)

Please forgive the poor sound quality, as I was just getting things figured out! (Honestly, there are times when it sounds like Andy's making a lunar landing or something... sorry about that...) I hope you find it worthwhile nonetheless, because Andy's alter-ego to improv and performance is as a facilitator on organizational development–a unique pairing that brings to light some important ideas that we only skimmed the surface of.

(Hence the "Part One."  I can hardly contain myself, you guys.  There are some SUPER EXCITING updates coming about this soon! STAY TUNED.)

p.s. - Some folks have been asking about the comment I make in the podcast intro -  "I would think making alien cows meaningful... that's not a small task" - and where it comes from... well, friends, this is where it came from.  :)  Enjoy!

In this episode of This Moved Me, Andy and I talk about the importance of bringing intentionality into your performance.

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Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • Andy's biggest challenge - maintaining "discovery" mode
  • Finding the "jazz" moments
  • How you bring your whole self into the present moment so you can break out of robot speaker
  • The value of economy of words. Knowing when to shut up. :)
  • Andy's "purpose" as a speaker - a "challenger" vs. an "inspirer"*****

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Let's keep this conversation going:

How has intentionality played a role in your presentations? Are you able to find an "economy of words"?  Have you found the balance between the looseness of creativity and the specificity of polish? Share in the comments below!

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About Andy:

Andy's in the midst of creating a Lab about bringing fearless and creative decision making to our every day lives, like improvisors. He writes amazing stuff - applicable to us all. Follow his blog here for more: www.leadingoffthecuff.com

And, follow him on Twitter: @LeadOffTheCuff

Andy is an improvisor, speaker, productivity expert and a die-hard Apple techie. You can find Andy improvising at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities, leading Youth Frontiers as their Director of Operations, running long distances just because, and playing with his three kids and family.