Quick, personalized feedback to help you speak with more confidence, courage and clarity

Here's the deal: Everybody needs a coach.

And yet, most people who are speaking either can't or don't invest the time and money into a coaching partnership. It can be expensive! And it's definitely a lot of work.

But we still speak. We could still use some help. And sometimes the simplest things can help us take steps towards improvement.

That's what TMM Quick Coaching Is All About

Quick Coaching is a simple way to get feedback on a talk you're working on. Too many of us are out speaking without guidance from someone we trust – and EVERYONE (yes, everyone!) needs a coach, and thoughtful feedback!

And though there are times when a more long-term coaching partnership is especially important there are plenty of times when we as speakers are out speaking, and we end up feeling… well, alone!

We struggle to answer questions like:

  • How am I really doing?  I have gotten conflicting feedback – I need a neutral and wise mirror to help me clarify what needs work. 
  • Why doesn't this talk feel quite right to me yet?  I don't know what the next steps are in making this better.
  • How can I run this talk by someone and get some expert coaching? I've been creating this by myself, and I'm just not sure how it will land to others.
  • I'd love to get some insight into my speaking style and approach, generally. What are my strengths? Where can I improve? 
  • What's working? What isn't? I'm just getting this talk out there – and I'd love to know what to focus on as I move forward!

Hi, I'm Sally!

I've spent the last 20 years coaching speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and changemakers to become more compelling and authentic speakers. My goal is not to make you “perfect” – but to help you connect and engage with more confidence and clarity – because that is what will move your audience.

Giving caring and honest feedback has been my life's work for the last twenty years, and I'd love to share with you my thoughts on how you can take the next steps to an even better talk.


Join me!

TMM Quick Coaching


The Quick Coaching Story

``Your feedback is invaluable.``
Quick Coaching Client
``I have watched your video, and am humbled by the amount of time that you have invested into helping me out. You are the best!``
Quick Coaching Client

I host a podcast about the art of public speaking called This Moved Me (check it out if you haven't!). And, sometimes get loyal listeners or social media connections asking, “Hey, I'd love to hear what you think of my talk!” – and sending me a video of their work.

I always feel so privileged by their invitation! And I LOVE to coach people – it's my passion, and my purpose.

But if I were to work with you one-on-one, in a coaching partnership, my minimum fees range from $1500 to $9000, or more, depending.

And I realized this was a huge need for so many speakers: some quick coaching. Some guidance. Some feedback. Some redirection when we're not sure we're on the right path – or even when we want some assurance we ARE – without breaking the bank.

So I created an option for people who couldn't make that kind of investment – or weren't ready to – or just didn't have the kind of time to make that investment worthwhile (cause it takes time to really dive deep into our speaking and talks).

Not everyone wants the intensity of diving deep into a partnership. And yet – if a speaker is committed to doing great work, they need to be eager for feedback that they can trust!

Does that sound like you? If so, I'd love to be your ‘quick' coach!

What people say about working with Sally:

Amy Guidera, CEO

``One word for Sally's coaching: transformative!``


Feedback is an essential partner on the path to doing our best work, and making the most of these precious moments in front of our audiences.

If we can step into feedback with courage and care, big things can happen.

Start with an 'A'!

Meaning: you are a-ok right where you're at - no judgment here. It's my job to help you move to the next place. So please come sharing fully, and we'll do our best work together!

Leggo the 'Ego:

We have to set down our egos to both give and receive feedback well. And if you can trust that I mean you well and want to cheer you on and see you do your best work, then you can hear me in the best light. It takes both of us!

It's a Relationship.

This is not a typical coaching relationship. But I will promise you this: I focus on what YOU need, who YOU are and what makes the most sense for where YOU are at. This is not cookie-cutter coaching; I care about YOU.

Honest AND Helpful

Simply put: I will be honest AND helpful. We can be both - and we must do both. If it's not yet helpful, it's not yet ready to be shared.

``Sally loves speakers. She oozes empathy for the speaker and passion for the craft. She tells the truth in love and empowers her speakers with the belief they can grow. I finished my video excited to start prepping my next talk.``

Scott Savage
Speaker, Pastor, Writer
at ScottSavageLive.com
Scott Savage This Moved Me
``Sally offers what a coach does best - raising the lid of current performance. She found my blind spots and pushed me to address them.``
Quick Coaching Client

Are you ready for some Quick Coaching?

Imagine having a personalized video with thoughtful ideas, suggestions for improvement, and feedback on both delivery and content – totally customized to your specific talk, your specific style, your specific needs. All the best parts of having your own personal coach.

And I would love to be your coach!

As part of this program, you'll receive:

  • A pdf summary of my feedback and ideas for you
  • A personalized video of me talking directly to you, giving you an in-depth walk through the feedback
  • A customized resource list to address your growing edges as a speaker
  • 30 days of email support – to help clarify, follow-up, answer questions and to make the most of the Quick Coaching.

Customized, personalized coaching – all for $249 – hundreds less than what it would cost to hire me one-on-one.

Please note: I only take 4-5 Quick Coaching clients per month. If I am full for the month, please send me a note and I will schedule you into the future. Once you're signed up, I'll send a note with directions about what comes next!

TMM Quick Coaching


Still have questions?

Still not sure? Wondering about your specific situation? Want to know more?

Send a quick note and I'll get back to you.


You'll fill out a short form to help me get to know you and this talk. You'll either link to a video, or upload a video for me to watch (30 minutes max, please). And within a week I'll get back to you:

1 – a pdf of a summary of my feedback

2 – a video from me digging into the feedback, giving context, and cheering you on.

3 – a folder full of speaking resources

4 – email access to me for a month for follow-up questions and clarification.

Ideally, a coaching partnership is just that – a long-term relationship that is built on trust and time.

But we don't always have time to invest in a coaching partnership. And yet, we still speak. And we could still use some coaching!

So, Quick Coaching is an initial step in the coaching process. Will it fix all your issues? Nope. Will it be the answer to all your questions? I'm guessing not.

But it will do some of the above. And for some people, this guidance is all they need to head back out with more energy, excitement and clarity! Even in this short exchange, I've seen big ‘aha's and powerful improvements.  You will be challenged and you WILL get better!

Oh boy. Well, it's possible you won't! It's my job to try and help shape and reveal the masterpiece I know is hiding in every speaker. And sometimes that means saying difficult things. But please know: I say my feedback with love. I'm honored by your willingness, and your courage!

And also know this: sometimes our initial reaction to feedback isn't positive. It's a natural and understandable reaction, one that we've learned to nurture way more than we've learned to nurture vulnerability and growth. I have been there! (Ask my husband.) I totally get it. Perhaps the best thing to do is walk away from it for a bit. Reflect on it. Talk with other people about it. And – most importantly – when you're ready – look for the truth in it. Ultimately, you can discard my feedback – and I won't take any offense!

Regardless of how you feel about the feedback, I hope you understand I've invested my time and energy into you and your courageous work in the world. I don't give cursory or flippant feedback. I reflect on it, think deeply about it, and take great care in how to communicate it. Will I always get it right? I'm sure not. But I will try! Thanks for your understanding. <3

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