~ The Movers Lab Retreat ~

If you've clicked on this page then you are a speaker – or a changemaker –  who knows you have a story to share, and a voice that needs to be heard. And you want to do more with that voice of yours.

But it's hard to see for ourselves how we can be better.

That's where this immersive and inspirational two-day Movers Lab comes in. I'm here – and this group of people who will join you are here – to help you share your voice with more courage and authenticity and polish and power.

These two days will be filled with laughter and challenge and inspiration and growth. You'll receive one-on-one coaching from me, Sally (you can read more about me here). You'll get insight and feedback from your fellow participants – all people who are invested in becoming better. You'll get time away in the beautiful respite of Sally's parents' cabin (better known as the Koering Cabin, a beautiful lake home). You'll walk away connected to each other, and better connected to yourself as a speaker and changemaker. You'll feel more confident in the work you've created, and you'll be better able to use your talk to move this world of ours.

``You started speaking and I thought, 'This woman knows what she's talking about.' You are doing such good work in the world.``
Rob Bell - Bestselling author, speaker, podcast host and online influencer


  • A select group of 5 people who are invested in improving their talks
  • Entrepreneurs, leaders, professional speakers, creatives. Whatever your role/title,  you speak because you believe that your talk can – and should – move the world.
  • You are passionate about a message – and want to share it more with the world!
``One word for Sally's coaching: TRANSFORMATIVE.``
Aimee Guidera - CEO and founder, Data Quality Campaign


  • One talk that you want to improve and that you know can be better. It's the talk that you don't love giving because you know you haven't quite found your groove with it. This is not for a talk that you feel you have mastered – unless you want to make specific changes to it and would like help doing that. It's for that talk you aren't happy with right now.
  • Along with delivery coaching, we will likely make content suggestions (it's one of my gifts!), so you also need an openness to change, to make adjustments and to learn.
  • An openness to others and see this as a collaborative effort. This is a small and intimate group experience.
  • To adopt Sally's “Gentle Feedback” approach. (You can read and listen more about it here.) We don't pull punches, and we don't go for the gut. We will be honest AND helpful.
  • A willingness to risk – and through risk we will grow, together.
  • To play and have some fun! I like to laugh. So I hope we will laugh!
  • To take the craft  – but not ourselves – (too) seriously.
  • An ability to travel approximately 2 hours from the Twin Cities metro area to the beautiful “Koering Cabin” in Webster, WI – Sally's parents' lake home. If enough folks are flying in and/or cannot access a ride to the Cabin, we will arrange a carpool – but please let us know this in your application.


  • A perfect talk. (They don't exist, anyway.)
  • Everything figured out – though this lab is NOT for newbies to speaking. (That's a different lab!) And you do not need to be a “professional”  – though if you are, you are welcome!
  • To figure out food and housing. We'll take care of that for you from Wednesday after dinner to Friday lunch, before you head out. (If you have nutrition limitations or allergies, you can let us know that in the follow-up communication.)
  • The FIRST five people who meet the above requirements will be accepted into this Fall 2016 group. If demand is high, I'd love to schedule another of these in the spring. Click here  if you'd like to stay in the loop on these and other TMM opportunities!
Lindsey O'Connor
``Sally is warm, insightful and inspiring.``
Author, speaker and freelance journalist


  • Day 1 -
  • Participants arrive for some social time and get to know ya stuff.
  • TMM-ism #1: We invest in each other before we invest in our talks.
  • Day 2 -
  • We'll enjoy a delicious breakfast and get to work!
  • We'll warm-up. We'll laugh. We'll remember it's good to take risks. We'll celebrate courage and truth. We'll laugh some more.
  • We'll share our talks as-is. We'll cheer each other on.
  • We'll break out into coaching sessions. With Sally and with each other.
  • We'll eat delicious catered food. There are some unbelievable restaurants around this little town and we will eat their food.
  • We'll have some more fun.
  • And then we'll work on some specific skills that you want to work on.
  • We'll stretch our minds on the creative process and how we use our voices to create work that matters.
  • Then we'll take a big break and have more fun. And eat more. If there's snow we might go sledding. We'll definitely have a bonfire. If you like s'mores we'll eat some. We'll sit around the ``Good enuf Saloon`` (my family's cabin ``bar``) and enjoy a few drinks while we connect. More laughing!
  • Day 3 -
  • We'll share our talks once again.
  • We'll celebrate growth and change and risk and courage.
  • We'll make plans to keep in touch.
  • And we'll say goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sally Zimney headshot

Hi! I'm an award-winning speaker, long-time presentation coach with a passion for helping leaders, change-makers, entrepreneurs – anyone! – create and deliver talks that move the world. I host a podcast and write a blog called This Moved Me about the art of public speaking. I'm known for my positivity and candid (yet helpful) feedback. It's a powerful combo. I studied the art and ethics of persuasion, and believe that authenticity is the core of this work – and that good people are the ones that can become GREAT speakers. I've had the privilege of interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry. I've spoken in front of thousands of people, coached hundreds of talks and hundreds of people to become more confident and compelling communicators. And most importantly, I have a great deal of JOY for this work!

I can't wait to meet you!

Well, they're “cabin-y”!  This very special place is where my family goes to vacate – and where my parents spend a great deal of their time. It's been in our family for over 20 years, and it's one of my favorite places in the whole world. It's where Andy and I got married (or, we MEANT to get married there, but it rained… a lot… a story for another time perhaps). It's a home – not a hotel or resort. But this “home” is meant for large groups! It sleeps 21 people – in beds! Most of the rooms themselves aren't big or fancy, but they're cozy. Some rooms have a double bed. Some rooms have bunk beds. One room has a whole bunch of bunk beds! Unless you request otherwise, each person will have their own room. Honestly, all you'll be doing in them is sleeping, so as long as it's a reasonably comfy bed (and it is!), my hope is you're good to go.

Well, bummer. If you can get yourself to the Twin Cities, we will do our best to get you to Wisconsin. My guess is there will be a car or two heading up that might be willing to carpool, but we just won't know that until we know our cohort. Just include that in the form indicating your interest in the Lab.

Great question! I won't know quite yet, until I can fill up the cohort. My hope is that I can place people together who I think will both challenge and lift each other up – and who are in a similar place in their work. Not just so that my coaching can be most efficient, but because I think one of the intangible benefits of this kind of experience is connecting with people who share your passion and purpose.

I'll do my darndest to accommodate them! I get it. I have three kids who eat mostly carbs, sugar and bacon – so I'm used to adjusting the meal to accommodate different requests! Please do let me know in the form so I can reach out to hear more, prepare, and make sure you feel comfortable and well-fed!

``Sally, I loved being on your show with you. You are a gem of gems.``
Michael Margolis - Storytelling expert, author, keynote speaker, founder of StoryU
Michael Margolis Headshot


It's located on the gorgeous Devil's Lake in Webster, WI  – a small town about 2 hours NE of the Twin Cities.

The views at this place are beautiful. The sunsets are stunning. You will see eagles. We will have a bonfire, and enjoy this lovely space.

There's an amazing and prolific garden at the cabin. You can check out more at http://www.thecabingarden.com.

It is big enough to house each person in their own room, though bathrooms will be shared. This is not a hotel, it's a family's lake home. It's homey! The shared space is large and beautiful! The rooms are cozy and “cabiny.” (If you are expecting a 5-star hotel, this may not be your thing.)

The Movers Lab Experience
Includes food, lodging and two+ days of workshops, coaching and connection
  • Join us for community - creativity - and coaching in a cohort of fellow changemakers! Receive one-on-one coaching, group coaching, skill-development workshops in a beautiful lake home that rents out for $2000/week with delicious food and drink ... All told these things amount to a value of AT LEAST $1500 - and, even more importantly, we'll remember and experience the real JOY of speaking with authenticity and courage. (That is priceless, of course!)


Yes! Join us!

Fill out this form to indicate your commitment, and answer a few questions to help build the most successful cohort.

You will also need to send a sample talk I can SEE and READ (in whatever form you've got). If you don't have a talk recorded at this point, just let me know a bit more about your experience so I can ensure that the group will be able to move forward from about the same place.

I will reach out to you to confirm your acceptance – and start the process!

Intrigued? Curious but not yet committed? Want to let me know you're *thinking* about it, but not yet sure? Send me a quick note here and I'll follow-up with answers to any questions you have, and keep in touch as things develop.

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