Talk Development Hacks Part 2

Hi, I'm Sally.

Want to become a more authentic, connected and impactful speaker?

Of course you do!

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For the last two decades, I've worked with speakers from all over the world to transform their approach on the “stage” to become more authentic, connected and impactful. To move their audience!

I've got all the requisite skills (there's even a National Champion title on my resume… granted, it was from a long time ago 🙂 …)

But people tell me what makes me a transformative coach is my ability to help you unlock your voice and embrace your authentic power as a speaker, even when it feels outside your comfort zone.

(In fact, I gave a TEDx talk about this very thing.)

Most people find that speaking is a scary and vulnerable thing – something OTHER people do well because of some innate quality only they have.

The truth is that speaking is only vulnerable and scary if you're doing it right!

So I created This Moved Me to offer support, guidance, inspiration and insight for the journey.

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It's all about connection, and I'm so grateful for ours.




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